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The effective and visible and simultaneously relatively cheap is a form of advertisement on means of transport. The lorries, buses, trams, special vehicles, passenger cars are pasted once per few years what causes that it is very popular among the clients. We perform permanent advertisements, made in full colour on all vehicles. We use the whole surface of the vehicles with car body and windows.

Pasting the vehicles of the following materials among others:

  • One-Way-Vision foil (OWV) – excellent for vehicles’ windows, where it keeps the light through
  • Reflective foil– the advertisement affects by 24h, excellent at night
  • Casting foil (polimer)
  • Monomeric foil – used on flat surfaces
  • Plotter foil – used to simple graphic advertisement, we paste for instance: letters and simple graphic elements

Additionally, we guarantee the possibility to protect pasted vehicle against wiping and acting unfavourable atmospheric and mechanical factors of the surface by the laminating.

Moreover, we offer:

  • Long-term guarantee of service depending on pasting material
  • Punctuality
  • Pasting the vehicles in convenient places (including client access ) and day time (night, day)
  • Preparation of public relations strategies
  • Determination of the most important features of transmission and target groups to which the transmission should be directed
  • Effective delivery of information to chosen recipients
  • Creating the procedures and/or rules of communication of client with media
  • Preparation of media base (indicating the media from target effectiveness and target group point of view)
  • Continuous cooperation with journalists:
    • Direct contact
    • Conducting all untypical, promotional activities
    • Giving the interviews and additional information
    • Preparation of information materials for media
    • Organizing the press conferences, panels and briefings
    • Performance in front of camcorders
    • Protection against media attack
  • Reaction on publication or information emission (particularly negative) referring to the Client
  • Media monitoring:
    • Month media reports
    • List of information about the client which occurred in media
  • Obtaining the positive fame in media
  • Selection of events to sponsoring
  • Selection of media patrons
  • Looking for sponsors for particular events or enterprise
  • product placement and brand placement

Large-format print office
Preparation of the materials to production:

Billboards (504 x 238 cm):
  • Open files in free used graphic size – the best TIFF or eps
  • Resolution 300 dpi to 18 m2 in the scale of 1:10
  • logo and drawings in the vector format
  • letters converted for curve or attached file with types
  • composition of sheets colour for digital type 60/60/60/100
  • Print in the form of printout and JPG or PDF file

Please to keep the safe distance from the essential elements of the project from the edge of the poster (logos, texts):
billboards 504 x 238 cm 20 cm in each side

Materials may be delivered on any carrier or on FTP, or by e-mail to 5 MB

Ad.Media Consulting also products the wide scale of advertising carriers. The offer includes the production and assembly

  • Billboards tables
    • wall
    • frees-standing
  • billboards
  • panels
  • signboards
  • advertising stands
  • other for specially orders of the client.

We guarantee the high quality with keeping world standards and norm of esthetics and durability, punctuality and also competitive prices.

  • Preparation of marketing strategies
  • Preparation of annual plans and partial marketing plans
  • Preparation of campaigns screenplays
  • Preparation of campaign budget
  • Realization of marketing campaigns:
    • Choice of communication channels
    • Preparation of media plans
  • Realization of campaigns with usage of the most modern carriers and form of advertisement (television, press, radio, billboards)
  • City lights, publicity, public relations, BTL
  • purchase of media
  • negotiation of prices and positioning the media
  • monitoring the media
  • research of the advertising campaign effectiveness
  • Creating the strategies of promotion events
  • Looking for promotion partners
  • Creating the guests list and distribution of invitations
  • Preparation of promotional materials for media
  • Preparation of reports registering course of each event
  • Organization of fairs, fair exhibitions, concerts, integration meetings, closed events, (for instance: presentations, banquets), trade, theme, training conferences; symposiums, seminaries, work shops; open doors in schools, companies and institutions; holiday events, feasts, outdoor events; the events connected with implementing the company or the product on the market, etc.

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