Baner Admedia Consulting

  • Preparation of public relations strategies
  • Determination of the most important features of transmission and target groups to which the transmission should be directed
  • Effective delivery of information to chosen recipients
  • Creating the procedures and/or rules of communication of client with media
  • Preparation of media base (indicating the media from target effectiveness and target group point of view)
  • Continuous cooperation with journalists:
    • Direct contact
    • Conducting all untypical, promotional activities
    • Giving the interviews and additional information
    • Preparation of information materials for media
    • Organizing the press conferences, panels and briefings
    • Performance in front of camcorders
    • Protection against media attack
  • Reaction on publication or information emission (particularly negative) referring to the Client
  • Media monitoring:
    • Month media reports
    • List of information about the client which occurred in media
  • Obtaining the positive fame in media

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